For a half-century, SERIA CORPORATION and SERIA ENGINEERING have provided "SERIA brand" screen printing machines and related equipment to provide one total solution that fulfill our customers' quality, cost, safety, and environmental requirements.

In May 2014, we became a group company of Komori Corporation, and the following year we changed our company name to include the product brand name and started as a new "SERIA".
As a member of the Komori Group, we will strive to become a company that brings satisfaction and Kando to our customers, aiming to realize our management philosophy “Kando Company”. We appreciate your continued patronage.

Management Philosophy

To realize “Kando Company”
As a member of Komori Group, we aim to become a Kando company by promoting the following three items through "Kando Creation Activities" based on high "Management Quality."
Enhance brand image/Carry out through perceptional quality control/Implement solution business

While the social situation and all the environments surrounding us are undergoing rapid change, now is the time for us to renew our minds and step by step to build on those steps steadily and powerfully. The philosophy that illuminates this path is nothing other than “Realizing Kando Company”.

Listening carefully to the views of customers. Endeavoring to provide the finest services by viewing print from the user’s perspective. And offering products and technologies that are the best solutions. By working diligently and wholeheartedly, we believe that we can achieve true brand value as an enterprise that offers Kando.

Now, as in the past, we will make every effort to be “Kando Company” through “Creative Activities” that originate with our customers.

Takashi Fujimoto