PE Technology Center

PE Technology Center
2-453 Matsumoto-cho Kakamigahara city Gifu 504-0925 Japan      TEL 81-58-380-5211  FAX 81-58-380-5213
PEC could perform product development only under clean room circumstance
Screen Printing Technology is applied in any products development such as Electronic parts, solar panels, smart phones.
Our PEC (PE Technology Center) is equipped with clean room environment and can support fine line,high density and the most advanced technologies with SERIA Screen Printer, Screen mask and functional paste.
Printing test suitable for R&D and traial are always availabe
Screen printer/Gravure offset printer and drying oven and various mesuring instruments are available and all process can be tested in the center

Printing Machine
  • Gapless Synchronized Screen Printing Machine
  • Gravure Offset Printer
  • Semi-Automatic Screen Printing Machine(Middle size)
  • Semi-Automatic Screen Printing Machine(Small size)
  • Hot Air Batch type
  • UV Dryor
Measurement Equipment
  • Digital Enlargement
  • Thickness Measurement
  • Measuring Machine
Gapless Synchronized Screen Printing Machine
Gapless Synchronized Screen Printing Machine

Measurement Equipment Measurement Equipment
Measurement Equipment