Semi-Auto Printing Machine for PC
Design Concept
Responding to the requirement from electronics industries its density growth which requires high level printing quality. By numerical control of printing parameter, it becomes possible to perform high printing without skill or experience. Also the unit is equipped with unique function and user firendly semi-automatic screen printer.
  • Table vertical slide system
  • Corresponding from thin to thick material
  • Table positioning by magnet chuck
  • Improved accuracy and quiet operation by frame up/down servo
  • Print parameter settng by touch panel
Max. Work SizeW600*D600mm (varies depends on the thickness of substrate)
Work Thickness0.1t-2.3t mm
Work WeightMax. 5kg
Max. Frame SizeW1100*D1100mm
Min. Frame SizeW600*D600mm
Frame Thickness30t-40t mm / 20t-30t mm (with Spacer)
Frame HoldersSupport at Front and Rear Side (Front: Swing Type)
4 Position Pneumatic Clamp + Manual Knob at Front and Rear Side Each 2 Positions
Frame Bar HolderRear Size Pneumatic Clamp
Peel Off0-15mm
Peel Off SystemCam and AC servo motor drive (flat when ink coat)
Squeegee Pressure6-80kg
Squeegee Adjustment45mm
Squeegee Lift40mm
Squeegee Angle60°-90°
Squeegee Bias Angle±5°
Squeegee Speed5-500mm/sec
Squeegee Stroke800mm
ScooperUnit Type
Clearance Adjustment0-15mm (Motorized)
Sub-Lift Volume330mm (Screen Frame Auto Lock at Top End)
Print Table SizeW850*D900mm
Vacuum AreaW600*D600mm
Vacuum Hole Diameter / Pitchφ1.4mm / 20mm
Table Fine Adjustment Methodby Three Position Nucri-Knob as The Front
Table Height940mm
Power Supply3φ AC200V 50/60Hz 2kw
Compressed Air50 litters/min. (0.54MPa)