MAMMOTH Printing Machine (frame up-down type)
Design Concept
Remaining print size of [SMP] series but improving footprint and operatibility, also improved cleaness and refurbished design. Adopted frame hinged system, it becomes compact size. Also adopted high stifness aluminum frame in squeegee travel section thus it is light in weight and clean in operation.
  • Small footprint by adoption of frame hinged system
  • Improved cleaness by adopting aluminum squeegee traveling frame
  • Improved frame support rigidity (compared with SMP series)
Max. Work SizeW2400*D1200mm
Work Thickness0.1-2.3t mm
Work WeightMax. 5kg
Max. Frame SizeW3100*D1800mm
Min. Frame SizeW1700*D900mm
Frame Thickness30t-50t mm
Frame HoldersPneumatic Clamp 6 Points
Swing Type
Frame Bar HolderRight/Left Independent Pneumatic Clamp
Peel Offapprox. 60mm
Peel Off SystemMotor driven (flat when ink coat)
Squeegee Pressure0.1-0.5MPa
Squeegee Adjustment45mm
Squeegee Angle60°-90°
Squeegee Bias Angle±5°
Squeegee Speed200-1500mm/sec. (Inverter Control)
Squeegee StrokeRandom Position Set by Proximity Switch
Squeegee Drive DirectionRight → Left
Squeegee Stop Timer0-10sec.
Clearance Adjustment0-40mm Handle Rotation (with Guage)
Frame Raise VolumeVertical=380mm, Horizontal=420mm
Print Table SizeW2800*D1400mm
Vacuum AreaW2400*D1000mm
Vacuum Hole Diameter / Pitchφ1.2mm / 20mm
Table Fine Adjustment MethodX. Y. (θ)±10mm
Table Height935mm
Power Supply3φ AC200V 50/60Hz 6kw
Compressed Air50 litters/min. (0.54MPa)