Full-Auto Printing Machine with CCD Camera (high speed type)
Design Concept
Fully automatic screen printing line system equipped with loading and unloading unit. High speed/high precision screen printer.
  • Stacked loading, alignment, print, ejection and receiving line
  • High speed (less than 6 sec./panel)
  • Precise alignment by image processor
Max. Work SizeW510*D605mm
Min. Work SizeW250*D400mm
Max. Print SizeW500*D600mm
Work Thickness0.3t-2.0t mm
Max. Frame SizeW950*D950mm
Min. Frame SizeW680*D680mm
Frame Thickness30t-40t mm
Frame HoldersPneumatic Clamp 4 Points
Swing Type
Frame Bar HolderRear Size Pneumatic Clamp
Peel Off0-20mm
Peel Off SystemCam and AC servo motor driven (flat when ink coat)
Squeegee Pressure6-80kg
Up/Down Adjustment Volume45mm
Squeegee-Lift Volume40mm
Squeegee Angle60°-90°
Squeegee Bias Angle±3°
Squeegee Speed20-600mm/sec.
Squeegee Stroke700mm
ScooperUnit Type
Clearance Adjustment0-15mm
Sub-Lift Volume380mm
Print Table SizeW730*D700mm
Table Stroke950mm
Print table drive systemAC servo motor driven & belt drive
Vacuum AreaW490*D590mm
Vacuum Hole Diameter / Pitchφ1.4mm / 10mm
Alignment AccuracyX. Y. θ ±0.005mm
Alignment drive systemBall screw and 5-phase stepping motor
Processing System0.002mm
CCD CameraGray scale, binary level, outline process chage system
CCD Camera Resolution2sets
Ejection conveyor pass line890mm
Ejection conveyor width630mm
Ejection conveyor length1000mm
Ejection conveyor speed2-20m/sec.
Pass line1028mm
Tact time6 sec./panel
Power Supply3φ AC200V 50/60Hz 6kw
Compressed Air130 litters/min. (0.6MPa)