Vacuum Coater
Design Concept
This unit is performing coating paste under vacuum condition. Possible to plug a hole without void (air bubble). As using screen frame it is possible to selct the area to be coat and will contribute for save cost.
  • Space saving inside of chamber space (reducing vacuum time)
  • Compact, save space
  • Corresponding to use screen frame
Max. Work SizeW610*D510mm
Work Thickness0.4-8.0t mm
Roller Driving SystemAC servo motor & timing belt driven
Roller Max. Stroke750mm
Roller Running Speed10.0-100.0mm/sec.
Roller Rotation SpeedMax. 16.8m/min. (20 Steps)
Coat / Scraping ChangeoverAir Cylinder Individual Change
Squeegee Pressure for Coating0-80kg
Squeegee Up/Down Volume for Coating0-5mm
Material of Squeegee for ScrapingUrethane Rubber
Squeegee Pressure for Scraping0-80kg
Clearance Adjustment Volume0-10mm
Clearance Adjustment SystemClearance to be Adjusted by Up/Down of Squeegee Roller Unit
Clearance Adjustment MethodManual Adjust by Adjust Knob
Table SizeW610*D750mm
Print Table Height900mm
Table Height Adjustment0-15.0mm Motorized
Table Up/Down Adjust MethodStepping Motor and Ball Screw Drive
Work ClampClamp mechanism at Front and Rear Side of Table
Clamp Plate Adjust MethodManual Knob Adjustment
Clamp SizeMax. 510mm
Thickness Range to Clamping0.4-8.0mm
Cooling Water for Vacuum PumpMin. 0.1MPa
Vacuum Pump PressureMax. 0.4MPa
Vacuum Pump Flow3.5-8.0 litters/min.
Duct Exhaust TemperatureMax. 30° (Note: Non Condensing)
Duct Exhaust Pressure-196Pa 0.5m³/min.
Duct Exhaust Rough Flow0.5m³/min.
Power Supply3φ AC200V 50/60Hz 11kw
Compressed Air50 litters/min. (0.6MPa)