Gapless Synchronized Screen Printing Machine


Less Bleeding, Resolution and non defective rate improvement due to consecutive and stable Peel-off printing
High printing accuracy and repeatability by tension cut on printing
Less work damage by surface non-touch loading

World’s first ! Gap 0 (cyinder synchronous type) screen printing machine

* High printing resolution by screen peel off mechanism (makes fine printing uniformity)
* Printing position accuracy, repeatability and stability (high precision printing)
* Achieve high precision printing repeatability by screen stress free mechanism makes durability + anti-bleeding
Basic Specifications
Base Material Material Film / Green Sheet
Width 250〜350 mm
Thickness Range 25〜100µm
Roll Max.Winding Size φ600 mm
Roll Max. Weight Approx.120kg or Less
Base Material Axis Unwinding Axis 3 inches Air Shaft
Frame Size 750 x 750 〜 800 x 800 mm
Print Size Size 230 x 230 〜 330 x 330 mm
Min.Print Pitch 10 mm
Print SQ.Pressure 0.1〜0.5 MPa (10〜50 kg)
Printing / Coating Speed 50〜800 mm/sec