Semi-Automatic screen printing machine with CCD camera (for chip resister)


Compact machine by downsizing
Production monitoring / management system by IoT (Option)
Quick set up design

OUTPUT tool enhancement (for future AI)

* Compliant with global safety standards (Control circuit)
* Load cell Monitoring system (Print pressure)
* Adoption of safety circuit compatible with international
Basic Specifications
Work Size(W*D) (W)60*(D)70mm or (W)70*(D)60mm
Work Thickness t0.28-1.0mm
Squeegee / Scraper Stepping Motor Drive
SQ./SC. Auto 0 Point Setting
Monitoring system by load cell
Frame Size / Thickness 1:(W)320*(D)320 mm t15-20mm
2:(W)185*(D)255 mm t9.5mm
3:(W)255*(D)185 mm t9.5mm
* Compatible by attachement 1,2
CCD Camera Alignment method: Image processor (CCD Camera)
Auto registration system
Safety Cover Aluminium Frame+Pet
Safety Door Door (with switch) / with interlock
Machine Dimensions(W*D*H) (W)1475*(D)1030*(H)1800 (without signal tower)
Machine Weight Approx. 2000 kg
Power Supply 3-Phase 200V 50/60Hz 3.0kW
Air Supply 50 L/min. 0.4MPa(4.0 kgf/cm²)