Semi-Automatic Double Side Vertical Screen Printer


Special double side resist printing model for printed circuit board.
Vertical mechanism greatly saves intallation space. Automatic line is also possible.
Reflect convenience functions and greatly from history and achievement of SERIA screen printing machine.

Basic Specifications
Max.Work Size (W)650×(D)650㎜
Min.Work Size (W)250×(D)250㎜
Work Thickness t0.2-3.0㎜
*The thin board with less than 0.3mm thickness may not be applicable depending on the board condition.
Max.Work Weight 4kg
Print Margin(Space) Min.5㎜(Squeegee Bias Unused)
It Does Not Apply When You Use Squeegee Bias.
Frame Size (W)1100×(D)1100㎜ t30-40㎜
Frame Positioning X ±10㎜ / Y ±10㎜
Print Direction From Top to Bottom
Peel Off Stroke 20㎜ Air Cylinder Type
SQ.Back SC.Pressure 0.1-0.5MPa Manual Setting With Pressure Gauge
SQ.Angle ±30°
SQ.Speed 25-250㎜/sec Parameter Setting
SQ.Stroke 800㎜
Coat Direction Print From Bottom to Top
Coat Pressure 0.1-0.5MPa With Pressure Gauge
Coat Speed 25-250㎜/sec Parameter Setting
Coat Stroke 800㎜
Clearance Stroke (Approx.)10㎜ With Gap Adjustment Function(Front)
Fine Adjustment Amount 0-3㎜
Machine Dimensions (W)3917×(D)1145×(H)2232㎜
Machine Weight (Approx.)2000kg
Power Supply 3Phase AC200V 60Hz 1kW
Air Supply 50ℓ/min 0.55MPa

Option Specifications
Double Slide Work Carrier Work Removing and Setting is Possbile in Printing
SQ.Electric Down Stop Down Stop Stroke with Parameter Setting
SQ.Auto Printing Pressure Control Printing Pressure Control with Parameter Setting
Peel-Off (Electric Drive) CAM and Servo Motor Drinving