Semi-Automatic Vacuum Coating Machine with CCD Camera


Adopt auto alignment system
Realize speed up design
Equip multi function for several kind of printing

Fine alignment (for selective) & plugging machine

* Suitable for high aspect ratio plugging
* No bubbles plugging by vacuum
* Various printing usage by vacuum
Basic Specifications
Max.Work Size(W×D) (W)610×(D)510㎜
Min.Work Size(W×D) (W)200×(D)200㎜
Work Thickness t0.4-5.0㎜
Frame Size(W×D) (W)1000×(D)1100㎜ t25-30㎜
SQ.Length Max.650㎜
SQ.Pressure 100-800N Parameter Setting
SQ.Speed 10.0-300.0㎜/sec Parameter Setting
SQ.Stroke 750㎜
Print Table Size(W×D) (W)730×(D)730㎜
CCD Camera 2 Camera
Vacuum Pressure Level 100-10000Pa Parameter Setting
Machine Dimensions (W)2960×(D)2060×(H)2100㎜ (without Vacuum Pump)
Machine Weight (Approx.)3500kg
Power supply Body : AC200V 3phase 50/60Hz 2.1kW
Vacuum Pumps : AC200V 3phase 50/60Hz 33.2kW
Air Supply Drive : 100ℓ/min 0.5MPa
Purge : 100ℓ/min 0.5MPa
Cooling Water Vacuum Pump : 6-9ℓ/min 0.28-0.5MPa Max30°C

Option Specifications
Roller head SERIA original roller head (patented) has elective for hole plugging
Work clamp Work clamp plate is for work fixing onto jig plate / others
Screen less Makes space for ink standby / supply