We have a broad range of SERIA brand emulsion that is the series of SRX. Please kindly ask more about ink, emulsions for the representatives.

General Ink

Type Purpose
Solvent type inkSticker, Poster, Display, Membrane
UV InkMembrane, General name plates, stickers
Water-based inkSticker, poster, display, label, etc
Functional inkLight storage, polished treatment, hologram, thicker print
Ink for electric industry

Type Purpose
Conductive pastePCB, Ceramic condenser, IC package, HIC, Others
Non-conductive pastePCB Hole filling, Thicker layer, HIC, Resistance measuring device
Resistance pasteThicker layer, HIC, Resistance measuring devise
Hole filling pastePCB multi-layer board, Package PCB

Ink manufacturing partner

Teikoku ink, Jujo Chemical, Toyo Ink, Seiko Advance, Taiyo Ink, Fujikura, Sannopco.

General ink

Hole filling paste

Mirror ink
Teikoku ink
Light sensitive emulsion for screen making
It is committed to provide the high resolution. SRX-3 can deliver the higher resolution almost as same as dry film in terms of positioning accuracy after the exposure. Not only for PCB patterning, solder resist, and legend printing, almost 100% oil based ink can be printed and that enables the reduction in the 2 rank mesh count (300 mesh to 250 mesh). If you encounter some issues to be solved in screen making process, please try SRX-3 or SRX-9F.