Solvent and cleaning

Find your best screen cleaner by your purpose。

No.5 Solvent
Suitable for various kinds such as solvent type, mix type, UV type inks.
Availability 1L / 16L
No.31 Solvent
Suitable for solder, and roller claning,
Recommended to use for metal mask, and Butyl roller cleaning.
Availability 1L / 16L
Multi-purpose solvent
Methanol Isophorone
MEK Xylol
IPA Acetone
Availability * Please check the performance before the purchase.
* Use it ventilated area.
* Ask us more about the details.
Mask cleaning machine
Environment friendly ester type solvent.
MAK series (PRTR exempted)
for PCB

MAK-321 for screen cleaning purpose
* For resist ink

MAK-353 Hand wipe
* Resist ink, silver paste ink

General ink

MAK-323 for screen cleaning purpose
* Suitable for UV ink and blend type solvent