NEO-FL mask
NEO-FL mask
In conventional flat processing screen, due to its high smoothness adhesiveness becomes high and it may cause poor peel off. When the adhesiveness between screen and print material is high, it may cause rapid peel off which may cause bleeding or others.
In SERIA NEO flat process, edge area to print is applied flat process and other areas are emboss processed, due to this 2 types of surface treatment is mixed in the same screen, it becomes possible to improve peel off without impairing printability.
Feature of NEO-FL mask

  1. Expecting improve of print quality due to improved peel off
  2. Flat area and emboss area can be selected arbitrarily
  3. Long life and durable compared with direct film

Application of NEO-FL mask

  1. Frame print such as smart phone, flat panel display
  2. Print on glass or mirror finish materials
  3. Print high-viscosity, high thixotropy ink

Structure of NEO-FL mask

Due to no air escape and a material and screen sticks and cause poor peel off.

Conventional flat mask

Emboss area reserves air escape route and improves peel off.
Preventing ink litter caused by the static electrics and also prevents adsorption between material and screen.

NEO-FL mask